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Winter Activities

Leave the Cold and Come to the Caribbean!

What could possibly trump the eat-what-you-want and explore-at-your-pace aspects of an all-inclusive Caribbean private charter? It's the on board activities, of course! After setting sail from an exotic Caribbean location and heading off towards adventures unknown, you will find that the confines of the yacht are yours to embrace until you dock at the next port. Chartered yachts come equipped with the essentials to keep grown-ups and kids entertained while roaming the warm waters of the Caribbean. The crew will be more than happy to show you the yacht's amenities and will help keep your group occupied while under way.

Customized Travel

The best part of trying out your charter yacht's toys is that there's never a line! Forget waiting hours to ride an amusement park log flume. There are yachts to charter that come with their very own Banana Boats! Other water toys typically found on charter yachts include knee boards, water skis, snorkel gear, and even kayaks!

This vacation is more than just relaxing... you can actually work off the calories consumed from your private chef's fantastic meals! Private charters are also exceptional vacations because you have the opportunity to tell the captain, “Stop here! I want to swim in this very spot!”

Privately chartered yachts allow you to engage in activities that start on board but end up wherever you want. For example, near the lunch hour you may realize you'd like to take your food to the nearest island for a picnic. Or laze around the yacht and then swim ashore to check out a secluded beach? It's almost too good to be true! Once on island you can beach comb, visit local sites, and shop. You can also sunbathe or go fishing from either the yacht or a beach. If you've chosen to venture onto land, then just call for a tender when you're ready to get back to your yacht's accommodations, and a crew member will come get you promptly.

On Board Options!

Charter yachts on board activities often include the modern conveniences you're used to. Assuming you've booked such a yacht, you may find television, CD/DVD players, or even a karaoke machine! You may also find a stash of games and a library. Floating at sea can be a great time to get together with your group to sing and play games, or it can be the perfect time to catch up on a stack of magazines. And there's one thing that never goes amiss on yachts- cocktail hour! We can't discount the relaxing powers of a well mixed drink enjoyed against the backdrop of a setting sun.

Why Not?

Whether your idea of a vacation activity is adrenaline-pumping or tranquility-inducing, you will find you have options when you're on board a privately chartered yacht. After trying all the water toys, you may find new appreciation for simply daydreaming while you stare out into the gorgeous waters of the Caribbean.

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