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Bimini Charters

Although it is not a particularly popular destination for fully crewed yacht charters, Bimini is conveniently located near the coast of Florida, which makes it an excellent choice for a fishing vacation destination. A yacht charter that includes Bimini is a very rare request, while it's close to the coast of Florida it is less convenient for also visiting other parts of the Bahamas on a charter and that leads to clients typically then request other locations such as the Exumas or Nassau.


After you have quietly settled down at an anchorage or parked your vessel at one of the numerous marinas in Alice Town, you are free to try your hand at sport fishing. It is said that the famous author Ernest Hemingway fished in these storied waters, which are situated on the furthest easternmost point of the Gulf Stream. At Bimini, maritime aircraft landing in the channel offer the one and only non-typical source of excitement that can be found on the island.

Do you and the other people who are visiting not have any interest in going fishing at all? You might go scuba diving or snorkeling in the crystal clear waters that surround Bimini, or you could take a stroll down the beach in Alice Town. Both of these activities are excellent ways to spend your time. Going offshore to snorkel with the most diverse selection of gorgeous fish will give you a taste of what it must be like to live the adventurous life of an adventurer. For a moment of relaxation, you can always take a nap on the sand.

You and your guests have the option of taking it easy by going for a stroll along the beach, or you can put each other to the test by competing to find the most unique keepsake of your time spent in Bimini at one of the shops located in Alice Town. Either way, there are plenty of things to do while in Bimini. After you have had your fill of the beautiful outdoors, you can look forward to spending the evening on board, where the crew will most likely serve you drinks and a meal that has been specially prepared for you.The crew will ensure this is a an equally action-packed and relaxing trip for you

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